The Australian Rodeo Heritage Centre (ARHC) is solely dedicated to the spirit of rodeo and the cowboy. This quaint yet captivating museum stands as a testament to the rich history and tradition of rodeo, offering visitors a journey through time to explore the roots of this iconic Australian pastime.

Located at 4 Alice Street in Warwick, QLD, ARHC is a space created in 2006, originally funded by the Australian Government through several regional development programs, the Warwick Shire Council and the Australian Professional Rodeo Association.

As one steps through the doors of the Rodeo Heritage Centre Museum, they are greeted with an ambiance that resonates with the spirit of the outback. The rustic charm of the museum and it’s interior, adorned with vintage rodeo memorabilia and artifacts, transports visitors back to a bygone era when life on the frontier was defined by grit, determination, and a deep connection to the land.

The museum’s collection is a treasure trove of relics that chronicle the evolution of rodeo from its humble beginnings to the electrifying spectacle it is today. Visitors can marvel at an impressive array of exhibits, including antique rodeo gear, vintage photographs capturing iconic moments in rodeo history, and even authentic cowboy attire worn by legendary riders of yesteryears.

Beyond its role as a museum, the Rodeo Heritage Centre is deeply rooted in the local community, serving as a gathering place for rodeo enthusiasts, historians, and aspiring cowboys alike.

For visitors seeking to delve deeper into the history of rodeo, the museum offers guided tours led by renowned rodeo champions who share captivating stories and anecdotes about the sport’s pioneers and legends. These tours provide a fascinating glimpse into the challenges and triumphs faced by early rodeo riders as they carved out a livelihood on the unforgiving frontier.

The Rodeo Heritage Centre Museum proudly houses the Australian Professional Rodeo Association (APRA) Head Office, further solidifying its status as a premier destination for rodeo enthusiasts. Serving as the governing body for professional rodeo in Australia, the APRA plays a pivotal role in organising and promoting rodeo events nationwide, ensuring the sport’s continued growth and success. By co-locating the APRA Head Office within the museum premises, visitors have the unique opportunity to learn about the various initiatives aimed at supporting rodeo athletes and preserving the sport’s heritage. The APRA Head Office adds an invaluable dimension to the museum experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the enduring legacy of rodeo in Australian culture.

The ARHC Committee kindly encourages anyone with memorabilia, memories, or stories, from rodeo’s rich history here in Australia to reach out via the APRA office (07) 4661 8183.

Tours and group bookings welcomed!

Gold Coin Donation
Group bookings by prior arrangement – $7.50 per person
Children 12 and under free



R.W. Williams, Jack Gill, Stan Gill, Lance Skuthorpe

Norm Cakebread, Ray Crawford (AM), Don Crotty, Reg McNair, Kevin McTaggart, Peter Poole, Lang
Lang Rodeo Committee, Warwick Show & Rodeo Society

John “Happy” Gill, Margaret Gill, Vic Gough, Barry Gravener, Garry McPhee, Bernie Smyth Jnr, Alan
Woods, Bonny Young, Cloncurry Rodeo Committee, Tumbarumba Rodeo Committee

Tom Willoughby, Pat Speedy, Bob Holder, Wally Woods, Kyabram Rodeo Committee, Carrieton
Rodeo Committee, Mount Isa Rodeo Committee

Da’ly Holden, Norah Holden, Johnny Pierce, Rusty Frame, Fred Hausler (Honourary Inductee),
Myrtleford Rodeo Committee

Dave Appleton, Doug Flanigan, Darryl Kong, Jim Dix, Omeo Rodeo Committee



The ARHC is located in the historic “Rose and Rodeo City”, at 4 Alice Street, Warwick Queensland.


Getting here from Brisbane:

Head straight into town on the main road. Just after you cross the Condamine River on the O.O Madsen Bridge turn right into Alice St. The ARHC is number 4 on your left.

Getting here from Stanthorpe/Goondiwindi:

Following the signs to Brisbane you will pass Peter Stewart Ford on the corner of Fitzroy and Albion Streets. Alice Street is the next left and the ARHC is number 4 on the left